All DeRisk IT Inc. Software Testers Now Certified in HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates

Posted in Certifications| January 24, 2014 HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates

DeRisk IT Inc., an industry leader in onshore, offsite functional software testing, has taken additional steps to further the knowledge of its software quality assurance testers in the healthcare industry. These additional steps have put 100% of all DeRisk IT Inc. testers certified in Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. HIPAA is a major piece of healthcare legislation intended to reform the healthcare industry and provide safeguards for the privacy and security of patients.

DeRisk IT Inc. aspires to continually expand the knowledge of its software testers and improve company standards, which is why each tester is required to undergo HIPAA training and compliance. After completion of the training, each tester receives a nationally recognized certificate that is valid for 2 years. DeRisk IT Inc. has many clients in the healthcare industry, so it is essential that its software testers have the knowledge and training in order to remain compliant with HIPAA.

“We have always done, and will continue to do, whatever it takes to provide the best possible services to our clients with these certifications,” said Lann Stewart, President of DeRisk IT Inc. “Without certifications such as these, a lack of knowledge in both the industry and security is apparent.”

Healthcare or Health Information Technology companies that use DeRisk IT Inc.’s services must enter into a written business associate contract. A business associate contract clarifies the uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI) by DeRisk IT Inc., allowing us to safeguard this information. DeRisk IT Inc. has policies and procedures in place to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule. DeRisk IT Inc. has technical safeguards to ensure that access to electronic PHI is granted only to authenticated testers with appropriate rights, the integrity of PHI is maintained, and that PHI is transmitted securely. Physical safeguards like locks, surveillance cameras, restricted access to our offsite laboratory, and device and media controls have been implemented as well.

DeRisk IT Inc. holds numerous certifications in many verticals, and is known in the software testing industry for their staff certification in ISTQB. DeRisk IT’s testers are held to high standards, which is why they are pushed to complete some of the more prominent certifications in the software testing industry. Continual training of testers is required to restore familiarity with standards and ensure quality.

DeRisk IT Inc. is a veteran-owned, onshore, offsite software testing company that provides a compelling alternative to conventional offshore outsourcing. DeRisk IT Inc. functional testers are ISTQB-certified, and are experienced with automated testing and manual testing in both Agile and traditional teams. The primary role of DeRisk IT Inc. has been to help corporate organizations forecast and plan for the most efficient IT projects with respect to risk avoidance and implementing appropriate software testing solutions. Since the company was incorporated, DeRisk IT Inc. approaches and delivers hard facts for ROI and cost benefit required for today's best practices, providing a consistent level of service requirements by which all IT systems are measured.