DeRisk IT Inc. Announces Appointment of Lann Stewart as President

Posted in DeRisk IT News | July 15, 2013 Lann Stewart, President of DeRisk IT Inc.

DeRisk IT Inc., a leader in software testing services, today announce the appointment of Lann T. Stewart as president, effective 15 July 2013.

“The company is very pleased to offer the Presidency of the DeRisk IT Inc. to Lann Stewart,” said Edward Clark, CEO. “Since becoming a partner in 2006, Lann has continued to play a significant role in leading the company to improve its overall performance and return to profitability. Lann’s appointment to president is an opportunity for DeRisk IT Inc. to leverage his strategic capabilities as we continue to focus on successfully growing our business.”

Stewart is a corporate veteran with more than 15 years of diverse operations, marketing and sales experience. Before joining DeRisk IT Inc. as director of sales in November 2002, he served as AVP of sales at NCS. Mr. Stewart graduated with a dual major in English and History from East Tennessee State University after serving his country in the U.S. Navy. He received his Masters Degree in British Literature from Emory University.

Founded in 1998, the primary role of DeRisk IT Inc. has been to help corporate organizations forecast and plan for the most efficient IT projects with respect to risk avoidance and implementing appropriate software testing solutions. Since the company was incorporated, DeRisk IT Inc. approaches and delivers hard facts for ROI and cost benefit required for today's best practice, providing a consistent level of service requirements by which all IT systems are measured.